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Sentinel Print Management Software easily integrates into any printing environment

Secure print server softwareSimple, Cross-Platform Implementation of Printing Software and Easy integration into any printing environment

With existing SQL server, LDAP, and/or mail server and straightforward compatibility with any brand copier and printer. Achieve company-wide print management within minutes!

Due to the unique design of the Sentinel system, wherein virtual print drivers are established for each type of specialty print (color vs B&W, for example), implementation and system maintenance time are kept to an absolute minimum.

Whereas other systems require users to choose a printer from a long list of options, and drivers need to be updated manually across the enterprise, Sentine print server software centralizes and simplifies these processes.

Sentinel’s use of permissions profiles for user groups and/or printers results in quick deployment of the system. Furthermore, special applications, such as “Mail to Print” and “Scan to Me”, provide secure services to a variety of devices without requiring additional software interfaces.

With Sentinel print server software, you can use either an internal (embedded) or external controller. Also, profiles can be used to manage settings and apply them to groups of users or printers. It is also possible to assign quotas to limit what users can print, and assign budgets to departments to give them targets to meet.

All these features combine to ensure that Sentinel delivers the quickest and simplest implementation in the printer management industry.

Watch this video to see how Sentinel print server software works with Sentinel print release station and HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn.

Sentinel secure printing solution, developed by ePaper Ltd, is compatible with any printer, copier, scanner or MFP. 

Sentinel secure printing software can be used for Manged Print Services (MPS), cloud printing, provides printing security and print server stability for any type of organization and printing environment.
There are several possible implementations including network printing with print servers, print server cluster (Microsoft print server cluster), multisite installation, serverless printing and trafficless printing, loadbalance and failover installation.

More Ways Sentinel Will Benefit Your Organization

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