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Managed printing - Active Directory or LDAP synchronization

How to dynamically synchronize Active Directory in print management software? See how it's done in Sentinel.

Ensure dynamic synchronization of all accounts in your Active Directory or LDAP with Sentinel managed print services user database. Each time an Active Directory user authenticates for secure print release (pull printing) at a Sentinel embedded or external print release controller (or even with a smartphone using NFC or QR code), the Sentinel print server software will update the user account details in the Sentinel database. 

This functionality is critical for managed printing in large enterprises or organisations such as government departments, who may have many thousands of user accounts. Sentinel's advanced scripting rules can automate various aspects of the interactions between Active Directory (LDAP) and Sentinel managed print functionality such as cross-vendor RFID code translations for multi-site compatibility. Enable Active Directory users to scan directly to their home directory (as specified in their Active Directory profile) from any MFP or MFD. 

The ability to dynamically synchronize with your managed print services software dramatically improves workflows resulting in improved quality of service.

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