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List of Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and Multi-Function Devices (MFD) supported. If the device is not listed, it might as well be supported, contact us for additional information.

Supported devices:
The following models:
Bizhub C35, 36, 42 C203, C220, 223, C224, 224e, C224e, C253, C280, 283, C284, 284e, C284e, C353, C364, C3350, C360, 361, 363, 364e, C364e, C380, C3850, 4050, 421, 423, 4750, C451, C452, C454, 454e, C500, 501, C550, C552, C552DS, 552, C554, 554e, C554e, 601, C650, C652, C652DS, 652, C654, 654e, 751, C754, C754e and Pro 951.

Other models which support OpenAPI 2.3.1 or later (OpenAPI 3.1 is recommended)
Some older devices from the list above may need a ROM upgrade.

· For all models - License for web browser will be needed.
· Models should support OpenAPI 2.3.1 or later (OpenAPI 3.1 is recommended).
Devices must have a hard disk installed. Some models may require an optional hard drive to be installed.

Required Ports
In order for Konica Minolta embedded solution to work the required ports should be as follows:

Inbound Ports:

Outbound Ports:

Without any of the requirements above, the models will not be supported.

Supporting Heb.
Konica Minolta Bizhub 363

Pinit Fg En Rect Red 20