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Education Print ManagementStudents, faculty and administrators will appreciate the ability to print from anywhere.

You want your students and staff to have easy access to printing facilities. On the other hand, you need to monitor their printing use to reduce waste and improper use. Enter Sentinel, the printing management software & controllers- solution which solves both problems. Ideal for K-12, higher education, universities and libraries alike, Sentinel allows you to allocate costs to users and also charge them to generate revenue.

It supports mobile printing (BYOD) -  printing from anywhere to any printer. A single installation provides multi-campus support. 

Also, while teachers and students share printers to reduce inventory and maintenance costs, print security is ensured with pull printing techniques that allow only authorized users to retrieve print jobs, from any queue. Sentinel also contributes to a "greener" environment by reducing paper waste, electricity, and toner (green printing). Sentinel provides secure pull printing and quota management for colleges, universities and academic institutions.

Sentinel print management software provides secure pull printing and quota management for colleges, universities, and academic institutions.

Sentinel makes it easy to implement a sound, cost effective print strategy for educational campuses. Secure pull printing with mobile device support empowers students, lecturers and administration staff alike to print documents from any device on campus, whilst ensuring that cost controls are in place and budgets don’t spiral out of control.

Students can be set a complimentary quota for black and white and color printouts, or they can purchase credit to be added to their student accounts and linked to Sentinel for ease of administration. This implementation ensures that administrators can effectively control costs up front, whilst maintaining an easy-to-use, self-managed pull-printing interface for students.

Groups may be created with separate policies to enable certain faculties broader discretion in terms of color printouts than others. "Island" organizational units may also be implemented to enable larger faculties, departments or disparate geographic campuses to conduct their own internal administration without being flooded with print and user data from other organizational units.

Self-payment devices can also be linked up to printers so that students can complete print jobs on a pay-as-you-go basis, such as credit card terminals, cash collection interfaces, or even PayPal integration. This ensures that printing services are always available to students regardless of the status of their account balance or quota.

Mobile device support through technologies such as NFC and QR codes ensures that everyone can print their assignments or reports on the go, whilst Sentinels print management software waste reduction method and policies will reduce overall costs whilst contributing to the environment.

For more about these specific features, continue reading below...

  • Pull Printing

    100% Availability Means Never Coming Empty-Handed (BYOD). Did you ever print a document right before an important meeting with a constituent, or just before a bill was due for submission, or just before your appearance before a board -- and the printer jammed, or ran out of toner, or was down for maintenance? That doesn't happen with Sentinel, since jobs can be routed easily to a different device for immediate printing. Read More
  • Reduce Printing Costs

    Multiple Methods for Significant Reduction of Printing Costs! Lower printing costs result from Sentinel's ability to monitor, optimize and regulate print outputs; reduction in number of required printers; subsequent savings on paper, toner and electricity; and reduced IT staffing requirements. Read More
  • Mobile Printing

    Mobile Printing Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Print from your mobile phone or tablet easily, to any printer in the organization, without connecting to the enterprise network. Printing attachments is also a breeze; simply forward the attachment to the Sentinel e-mail account. Read More
  • Customizable Print Reporting

    Customizable Print Reporting Provides an Automated Audit Trail. The built in report designer integrates with other organization databases to provide detailed data about printing activity by user, patient code, printing device, time of day, etc. This system supplies an automated audit trail allowing you to segregate and itemize expenses per department, per employee, and per patient for simple billing and recovery of printing expenses. Read More
  • Green printing

    Go Greener to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint! Reduce the amount of wasted paper, toner/ink and electricity with Sentinel’s pull printing method. In addition, the system administrator can stipulate a company-wide duplex print policy, saving even more paper, and regulate the amount of toner per print to save on cartridges (without affecting legibility!). Read More
  • Secure Printing

    Secure Printing Ensures Documents Reach Authorized Users Only. Ensure that your patient's sensitive documents are not picked up by an unauthorized person. Whether copying, printing, or scanning, your staff must first identify themselves using their single sign-on personnel tag, their employee/staff card, or a PIN code. Only an authorized user will be allowed to release the document from the network. Read More
  • Managed Print Services Software

    Easily Manage Complex and Multi-Site Printing Requirements! Sentinel provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. Its dedicated software authenticates users, regulates print volume, and monitors and manages all print devices in the enterprise. Read More
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