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Distributed printing via WAN or VPN from any data source (Unix, Mainframe, etc)

Distributed Printing from UNIX mainframe or any other data source

Distribute and print across the WAN or VPN connection with Sentinel APClient.

Sentinel AP Client can be used as an additional extension of Sentinel Print Management Software or as standalone printing solution in certain situations.

SSL encryption of printing data can be added to the additional layer of security.

With APClient distributed printing to local or network printers in remote branches and offices, connected by WAN or VPN is possible from any Data Source (UNIX, Mainframe, IBM AS/400, iSeries, VAX, AIX, etc.). The print data is transferred via TCP/IP or VPN connection to the branches at any location.

SSL encryption for print data can be added for WAN connection. This solution can be implemented with APClient as Sentinel Module or separately, it is possible to add Mail to Print module.

It’s a client-server based solution with Load Balancing and Fail Over support is the optimal solution to problems related to heavy printing activity at large companies. The solution is very stable and can manage printing activity smoothly.

APClient installation is done remotely from the server (in silent mode), the further update process is centralized and performed from server.

Users and the workflow process are not disturbed and the maintenance is effortless. 

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