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Multi-tenant MPS - Islands

Multi Tenant MPS

The latest version of Sentinel supports a new unique feature called “Islands”.

Islands are separate organisational Managed Print Service units running off the same Sentinel server system, in effect allowing a Sentinel server system to support multiple separate Managed Print Service groups, units, branches, locations, or multiple tenants over a VPN connection.

There are a variety of potential uses for multi tenancy environments, for example software-as-a-service (Saas) providers, such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or larger organisations are able to offer their own hosted Sentinel MPS services along with other multi-tenant services such as hosted exchange or SharePoint.

The Islands system is run from one central point, with relevant Islands connected via VPN, or each with their own server. Organisational units may then be divided in to Islands, with each Island unit consisting of a set of users, devices, administrators and reporting and monitoring functionality, whilst still remaining separate from other Islands so as to allow focused administration. The centralised Sentinel installation from where the Islands are initially configured is the point from which the overall administration of an entire multi-tenanted installation may take place.

Use-cases include:

  • School “Islands” within a municipality
  • Branch or department “Islands” within an organisation
  • Separate customer "Islands" under the administration of an ISP or Saas provider

Islands can be completely separate from one another, so that users or administrators within an Island cannot see any data relating to other Islands - even though the Islands are all running off the same server system. Alternatively, administration and reporting access may be provided according to access level - so some administrators might be able to access multiple Islands, whilst others may only be able to manage their own Island, according to the requirements of individual organisations. 

Islands also support both trafficless and multisite configuration. The difference between Islands and typical multisute installation is, whereas Islands are cost-effective and easier to administrate due to the fact that they are usually hosted on one central server system, multi-site installations require at least one Sentinel print server per site.

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