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Advantages of Sentinel managed print services

Print Server Software:

Secure print server softwareSimple, Cross-Platform Implementation of Printing Software and Easy integration into any printing environment

With existing SQL server, LDAP, and/or mail server and straightforward compatibility with any brand copier and printer. Achieve company-wide print management within minutes!

Due to the unique design of the Sentinel system, wherein virtual print drivers are established for each type of specialty print (color vs B&W, for example), implementation and system maintenance time are kept to an absolute minimum.

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Green Printing:

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Print Green, Reduce Environmental Footprint. Make your office more eco-friendly.

Why use so much paper and toner? Why purchase more printers than your company actually needs? Why generate unnecessary heat in your office? Why not use less energy?

Sources estimate that printer waste may be costing companies as much as 4.5% of their turnover.

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Secure Printing:

Protect sensitive material from lying unsupervised at a printer, where anyone is liable to handle it.

Protect sensitive material from lying unsupervised at a printer.

Keep your information secure with Sentinel printing software and hardware solutions.

Sentinel provides you with secure access to your corporation's printers and ensures that your organization's sensitive documents are not picked up by unauthorized people.

Whether copying, printing, or scanning, users must first identify themselves using their single sign-on corporate tag, staff/employee card, or a PIN code. In this way, restricted documents cannot be viewed by anyone other than the person who sent them to print.

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Data Leak Prevention (DLP):

Data Leak Prevention for Printers

Content-Aware Data Leak Prevention (DLP), network and Local Printers are Points of Vulnerability

In securing the network against data leaks, data loss, potential data breach, printers must be considered a point of risk and vulnerability. Printed confidential and sensitive information, if not managed properly, can be transferred to unauthorized personnel within the organization, or even leaked out of the organization.

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