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Enterprise Print Management

Enterprise print management software can significantly reduce printing costs in larger organizations, regardless of structure.

Sentinel print management software can be effectively used, not only in typical office installations, but also in multi-site or multibranch printing environments. Possible implementations include trafficless, serverless, private cloud printing, and many other possible options, with any level of customization, numbers of print servers, highest security levels and any printers or MFDs used regardless of make or model.

Most solutions are costly, limited in features, or too inconvenient for users and the system administrator.

Some sources (ref. Waste Watch estimate that this waste may be costing companies as much as 4.5% of their turnover! Worse, the sensitive material may be left unsupervised at a printer, allowing anyone to retrieve it.

Improve efficiency and lower costs of printing with Sentinel print management software.

An effective print strategy can significantly reduce costs, for any organization - but for larger enterprises, even seemingly small savings can be amplified when implemented across all buildings, branches or locations.

Larger companies are increasingly turning to MPS services, both fully outsourced and hybrid, to gain significant and valuable advantages in terms of:

  • Improving security
  • Ensuring that costs are controlled and predictable
  • Reducing the IT support burden
  • Cutting consumable usage (paper and toner)
  • Reducing hardware costs through greater efficiency
  • Decreasing energy usage, and environmental impact

Businesses with global branches will also benefit hugely from a fully centralized print control interface, with universal policies - and importantly, a universal end-user experience. Improved productivity for end users means improved service delivery across the board.

A single point of control over your entire print infrastructure also allows for in-depth reporting insights, enabling better-informed decision making as regards print hardware strategy. Leveraging the power of these reports will enable effective negotiations with hardware and consumable suppliers when it comes time to put out tenders or renew contracts. Implementing a managed print solution also allows the leveraging of economies of scale to bring costs down significantly.

Some of the more detailed advantages of Sentinel print management for larger corporate clients are listed below:

  • Printers and copiers are used more efficiently. Therefore fewer printers are needed
  • Wastage of consumables (paper, toner) is significantly reduced
  • Improved security means private printers are no longer required for individuals in management
  • Highly customizable reporting tools enable advanced cost analysis
  • Database integrations allow for reporting systems to include relevant data from third party sources
  • Live centralized monitoring and alerts ensure problems are proactively resolved company-wide
  • Built in scalability means disparate global branches use standardized methods and procedures for printing, scanning, and copying
  • Sentinel's Islands feature allows for granular control of organizational units to internalize and separate individual group, location or department-based administration, thereby allowing for effective control, monitoring and oversight - even in unusually large implementations
  • Track all usage and implement quotas by user, group, or locations
  • IT support burden is significantly reduced due to fewer printers, standardized end-user experience, end user self-service options and an improvement in administration and reliability. IT staff can shift their focus to higher-value activities.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

An example of successful implementation of Sentinel in the enterprise environment - a large insurance business with a requirement for highly standardized printouts across many thousands of printers, copiers and multifunction printers at agent locations. 


 3 large office buildings worldwide


40,000 agents and brokers located in disparate locations


  600 total across main offices (all external controllers)



Besides secure pull printing that ensures documents security at main branches through the use of Sentinel print release controllers, thousands of agents and brokers use their own printers, leading to a vast array of different makes and models. Despite this disparity in hardware, it is critical that documents such as quotes, invoices and proposals always follow the correct formatting templates.

The solution is a centralized Sentinel installation at a data center, and the Sentinel AP Client software installed on each device which is required to print the correct forms and templates. The AP Client software then communicates and authenticates with the central Sentinel server over the internet, to receive and process complex print jobs to exacting format standards, despite a huge variety of printer models and drivers being used. 

In this case, the Sentinel implementation has ensured that agents, brokers, and customers always receive printed documentation with the correct data and branding of a universally high standard. 

More benefits of Sentinel for office printing of corporate clients:

  • Green printing

    Go Greener to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint! Reduce the amount of wasted paper, toner/ink and electricity with Sentinel’s pull printing method. In addition, the system administrator can stipulate a company-wide duplex print policy, saving even more paper, and regulate the amount of toner per print to save on cartridges (without affecting legibility!). Read More
  • Pull Printing

    100% Availability Means Never Coming Empty-Handed (BYOD). Did you ever print a document right before an important meeting with a constituent, or just before a bill was due for submission, or just before your appearance before a board -- and the printer jammed, or ran out of toner, or was down for maintenance? That doesn't happen with Sentinel, since jobs can be routed easily to a different device for immediate printing. Read More
  • Reduce Printing Costs

    Multiple Methods for Significant Reduction of Printing Costs! Lower printing costs result from Sentinel's ability to monitor, optimize and regulate print outputs; reduction in number of required printers; subsequent savings on paper, toner and electricity; and reduced IT staffing requirements. Read More
  • Secure Printing

    Secure Printing Ensures Documents Reach Authorized Users Only. Ensure that your patient's sensitive documents are not picked up by an unauthorized person. Whether copying, printing, or scanning, your staff must first identify themselves using their single sign-on personnel tag, their employee/staff card, or a PIN code. Only an authorized user will be allowed to release the document from the network. Read More
  • Centralized Print Managment

    Easily Manage Complex and Multi-Site Printing Requirements. Sentinel provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. Its dedicated software authenticates users, regulates print volume, and monitors and manages all print devices in the enterprise. Read More
  • Mobile Printing

    Mobile Printing Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Print from your mobile phone or tablet easily, to any printer in the organization, without connecting to the enterprise network. Printing attachments is also a breeze; simply forward the attachment to the Sentinel e-mail account. Read More
  • Managed Print Services Software

    Easily Manage Complex and Multi-Site Printing Requirements! Sentinel provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. Its dedicated software authenticates users, regulates print volume, and monitors and manages all print devices in the enterprise. Read More
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