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Features and applications of Sentinel print management software

Sentinel Server Software

Print Server Software

Sentinel server software is used for monitoring printing activity and producing printing activity reports.

When used with controllers it completely secures printing devices, prevents data leak and data loss through printers, secures print, copy and scan functions, sets permissions and printing quotas.

Managing printing output, all aspects of printing, copying and scanning as well as user authentication can be customized according to customer needs with powerful scripting.

Distributed printing via WAN or VPN can be set up using any data source (Unix, Mainframe, etc.).

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Rule-based printing software, unlimited customization

LUA scripts print serverCustomize just about anything in your print management using scripts to implement complex workflows, rule-based actions, email alerts, customised data handling and much more.

Sentinel's open scripting platform allows rule-based printing, highly specialized features or customisations to be rapidly developed, without the need to wait for the next release cycle for your custom feature to be included. Scripts may even be created in-house by customers wishing to keep their secure workflows or policies under wraps.

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Sentinel Design Engine (Print Output Designer)

SDE is a Sentinel dynamic forms component that is simple and easy to use to convert an XML input into a well-organized and designed output.

With SDE Sentinel users can enhance their printing output and bring it to a different level. Sentinel Design Engine is typically used by for enterprises, banks, insurance agencies, and government agencies for printing of licenses, insurance policies and anything else that requires a template and produces large dynamic print output.

Sentinel Design Engine creates and deploys XML-based form templates, uses data from any data source, the output can be printed, e-mailed, sent to destination folder etc. Security features of Sentinel Design Engine include password protection of output files and digital signatures support.

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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services (MPS)

What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services (MPS) allow an organization to gain visibility and control of all its printing and optimize it, which helps save money, enables the organization to print more efficiently. Managed printing also helps the organization to improve environmental sustainability and document security.

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BInfo software for automatic printer counters collection

Collect printers counters automatically & schedule printer counters reports

BInfo Sentinel Module automatically collects printer counters information from all printers in the organization – both network and local printers (with Sentinel APClient or BInfo client used). Any make, a model of printer and any type of connection are supported. New network and connected locally printers are discovered automatically.

Automatic Print Counters CollectionNetwork printers monitoring, automatic collection of printer counters

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Secure distributed printing via VPN or WAN from UNIX, Mainframe

Distributed Printing from UNIX mainframe or any other data source

Distribute and print across the WAN or VPN connection with Sentinel APClient.

Sentinel AP Client can be used as an additional extension of Sentinel Print Management Software or as standalone printing solution in certain situations.

SSL encryption of printing data can be added to the additional layer of security.

With APClient distributed printing to local or network printers in remote branches and offices, connected by WAN or VPN is possible from any Data Source (UNIX, Mainframe, IBM AS/400, iSeries, VAX, AIX, etc.). The print data is transferred via TCP/IP or VPN connection to the branches at any location.

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Private Cloud Printing

Print anywhere. Retrieve a print job at your current location, even when you are not in your own office.Print — from anywhere to anywhere.

Users send print jobs. They are held in the organization's private cloud until the users pull them for printing, wherever required, via the company intranet. This method is also known as "Pull Printing". Print anywhere.

Retrieve a print job at your current location, even when you are not in your own office.

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Control, management, monitoring and data leak prevention for network and local printers

User Authorization Local Printer

Centralised print management for local printers and network printers.

APClient (Advanced Printing Client)

Sentinel print management software controls and monitors, not only network printers but also any printers, copiers (printing function) and multifunction printers (MFPs) connected locally, displaying printers’ counters and printed jobs.

Any type, make, or model of printer is supported, with any connection: USB printers, parallel, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

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Print and billing quotas

Set print quotas and billing quotas to limit and control the number of pages printed and copied. 

Use quotas to restrict unsupervised printing. Quota Policy saves the organization money and gives management better control of the printing budget.

This is especially relevant for organizations that bill their users and customers, such as universities, libraries, law firms, insurance companies, and any other entity that want to manage budgets separately for each department. ow can an organization limit and control printing? How to set printing quotas? 

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Traffic-less printing

Traffic Less PrintingUse Sentinel Traffic-less printing for branch offices to take advantage of Sentinel without a local server.

For organizations with branch offices, Sentinel may be centralized and used in a traffic-less configuration. This method conserves Wide Area Network (WAN) bandwidth, which would otherwise be untenably high due to large-size print job traffic clogging it up.

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Multi-Site Printing

WAN Printing

Print management solution for organizations with multiple sites or branch offices.

For organizations and businesses with multiple branches and/or international locations that wish to manage and control all printing in one system, Sentinel is the best print management solution. While employees in various locations can initiate and collect print jobs, Sentinel secure printing ensures that no one outside the organization has access to them.

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Mobile Print

Sentinel-mail-to-printPull print jobs wirelessly from a network printer using a mobile device (BYOD). 

Usually, printing documents within the organization using a mobile device requires a special connection, and in many cases, the result is not rendered correctly, particularly when printing Microsoft Office documents.

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Server-less Printing

Server-less printingServer-less printing is a feature which allows the use of secure pull printing, but without any print server being required.

The solution requires that the Sentinel AP client application is installed on all PC's on the LAN. The printers will be paired with Sentinel controllers (either external touch-LCD controllers, or Sentinel embedded controllers), and pull printing is then facilitated through the use of packet broadcasts across the LAN.

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Sentinel Print Release Controllers

Sentinel controllers enable efficient administration with a variety of manufacturers' devices.Streamline and Low Profile Print Release Controllers (Printing Terminals): 

Sentinel won't clutter up your office with bulky additional equipment.
Print release controllers are small and can be placed on a table or shelf, or mounted on a wall to save space. There are several models of Sentinel print release controllers produced by ePaper Ltd, compatible with any printer, MFP, MFD, copier or scanner.

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Scan To Me

scan to me

Fast, Easy, Secure and Managed

Fast and Easy: Scan a document at a printer/scanner and send the generated document as a file automatically to your e-Mail, personal folder, or SharePoint.

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Print Reporting Tools

Sentinel Reports DesignerImprove Resource Utilization with Sentinel's Built-in Print Reporting Tools

True printing control starts with the ability to analyze print usage. Sentinel has a set of built-in reports which include information about printing activity according to users, printing devices, date ranges, etc.

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Mail To Print

Sentinel-mail-to-printPrint your emails and attachments — directly.

Whether you are a recognized user or a guest on the network, you can forward an email message to the Sentinel system or to a printer, without connecting to the organization's LAN. Sentinel's unique solution lets you print emailed documents from your mobile device, without distorting the document format. The original look of the document is maintained.

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Multi-Tenant MPS - Islands

Multi Tenant MPS

The latest version of Sentinel supports a new unique feature called “Islands”.

Islands are separate organisational Managed Print Service units running off the same Sentinel server system, in effect allowing a Sentinel server system to support multiple separate Managed Print Service groups, units, branches, locations, or multiple tenants over a VPN connection.

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