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Government Print ManagementPolitical institutions can minimize printing costs while maintaining an audit trail using print management software.

Each day, your organization may be wasting money in the form of paper, toner, and employee time, as print jobs are sent to the wrong printer or lost in piles of output, causing users to reprint them. Furthermore, government institutions must maintain both confidentiality and an audit trail for the public.

Most print management solutions are costly, limited in features, or too inconvenient for users and the system administrator. In addition, the sensitive material may be left unsupervised at a printer, allowing anyone to retrieve it.

But now, there is Sentinel!


Print Management Solution for Government and Political Institutions.

Multiple government and political institutions today are striving to maintain an active audit trail along with minimizing printing costs. With the use of comprehensive print management solution like Sentinel, which has been designed keeping in mind the needs of government institutions, achieving these goals can be a breeze.

Using Sentinel for reduced printing costs and maintaining the audit trail.

For government organizations aiming at reducing printing expenses and maintaining an active audit trail for the people of the country, Sentinel is what you should be using. With this software, you can save paper, toner, as well as electricity. It is advanced yet affordable print management software that allows you to keep a check on the print resources being used while ensuring the safety of printed documents through its pull printing mechanism. 

With Sentinel, you can rest assured that there would be no unnecessary print jobs due to printing on wrong device, no unauthorized access, and no wastage of resources.

“37% of Government IT officials acknowledged their printers were likely to be more vulnerable than other endpoints on the network” 

- CDG Survey

Secure Printing for Government:

Make sure that the documents containing details about the public, international contracts or other confidential details are reaching just the right set of people. Be it for printing, copying, or scanning, anyone willing to use the device will first identify themselves through personal user codes. This process comes rather handy for many government departments dealing with sensitive data.

Minimize Printing Cost:

Sentinel provides you with monitoring and optimization abilities using which you can keep track of the resource consumption and output. This helps in reducing the number of resources consumed along with inducing more conscious print commands.

Centralized Print Management:

Keep a tab of all print-related activities happening within the organization, like the number of print jobs given, the number of pages consumed, and more with a single control. With this dedicated software, you can regulate print volumes, authenticate users and monitor print devices across the organization.

Customizable Print Reporting:

This hits the nail right on the head for your problem of maintaining an audit trail. The customizable print reporting in Sentinel is taken care of by the set of reports and the inbuilt report designer. This takes data from the databases of the organization to provide you with a detailed report on printing activities of users.  

Pull Printing:

The pull printing mechanism of the software ensures that you never leave empty-handed when trying to print a document. This makes sure that if due to any reason you are not able to process a print job from one device, you can transfer it to another. This prevents any kind of printer related obstruction in your work.

Green Printing:

Reduce not just the amount of paper or ink consumed, but your overall environmental footprint with Sentinel. Sentinel also allows you to implement duplex print policy all across the organization. Thus allowing you to save an even greater amount of paper, toner, and electricity

Continue reading to learn about the specific ways it can help your organization reduce printing costs while maintaining regulatory compliance and confidentiality. Download a trial or view a demo of Sentinel print management software.

  • Secure Printing

    Secure Printing Ensures Documents Reach Authorized Users Only. Ensure that your patient's sensitive documents are not picked up by an unauthorized person. Whether copying, printing, or scanning, your staff must first identify themselves using their single sign-on personnel tag, their employee/staff card, or a PIN code. Only an authorized user will be allowed to release the document from the network. Read More
  • Reduce Printing Costs

    Multiple Methods for Significant Reduction of Printing Costs! Lower printing costs result from Sentinel's ability to monitor, optimize and regulate print outputs; reduction in number of required printers; subsequent savings on paper, toner and electricity; and reduced IT staffing requirements. Read More
  • Centralized Print Managment

    Easily Manage Complex and Multi-Site Printing Requirements. Sentinel provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. Its dedicated software authenticates users, regulates print volume, and monitors and manages all print devices in the enterprise. Read More
  • Customizable Print Reporting

    Customizable Print Reporting Provides an Automated Audit Trail. The built in report designer integrates with other organization databases to provide detailed data about printing activity by user, patient code, printing device, time of day, etc. This system supplies an automated audit trail allowing you to segregate and itemize expenses per department, per employee, and per patient for simple billing and recovery of printing expenses. Read More
  • Green printing

    Go Greener to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint! Reduce the amount of wasted paper, toner/ink and electricity with Sentinel’s pull printing method. In addition, the system administrator can stipulate a company-wide duplex print policy, saving even more paper, and regulate the amount of toner per print to save on cartridges (without affecting legibility!). Read More
  • Managed Print Services Software

    Easily Manage Complex and Multi-Site Printing Requirements! Sentinel provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. Its dedicated software authenticates users, regulates print volume, and monitors and manages all print devices in the enterprise. Read More
  • Pull Printing

    100% Availability Means Never Coming Empty-Handed (BYOD). Did you ever print a document right before an important meeting with a constituent, or just before a bill was due for submission, or just before your appearance before a board -- and the printer jammed, or ran out of toner, or was down for maintenance? That doesn't happen with Sentinel, since jobs can be routed easily to a different device for immediate printing. Read More
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