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Charge back printing costs for legal expenses

Charge back printing costsSentinel print management software benefits for Legal Profession

Sentinel print management software includes features which are of great benefit to businesses and organisations in the legal field. Sentinel comes with security features trusted by the military, ensuring that confidential documentation is always protected. But Sentinel does a lot more besides securing printouts, copies and scans.

The availability of reports on all relevant data relating to work done per customer account is critical to ensure that billing is tracked effectively.

Some of the ways in which Sentinel can improve print, scan and copy strategies for law firms are listed below.

Shared authentication

In legal working environments, large documents often require printing. To save the valuable time of senior staff members or partners, Sentinel allows for delegated users to release print jobs – this allows secretaries or paralegals to collect large print jobs on behalf of senior people.

Client Billing

  • Sentinel is available with a client billing module, and rule-based policies may be set to ensure that no document is printed or copied without a relevant billing code being assigned.
  • These rules ensure that staff are prompted to enter a customer code before they can proceed with a printing or copying task. All jobs submitted with a billing code are tabulated automatically in Sentinels customizable reporting interface.
  • At the end of each month, or on demand, reports may be drawn which contain accurate billing figures for each individual customer account.
  • Reporting may be automated, so that billing statements are sent directly to the accounts department without any intervention required.

Scanning and document management

The large quantities of documentation which require scanning in legal environments can create headaches for administrative staff. Sentinel makes scanning secure, easy and efficient.

  • The scanning procedure is the same across the organisation, regardless of make or model of scanning device.
  • Users need to enter a PIN code (or swipe an RFID card) at the scanning device – they are then given a choice of print, scan or copy. After selecting scan, by default all documents are automatically sent to the person’s email address – this prevents any possibility of them being sent to the wrong address by mistake.
  • Scanned documents may also be automatically sent to shared folders, SharePoint, or any other location on the network.
  • For more advanced workflows, scanned documents may have copies archived automatically, or synchronized with Document Management Systems (DMS).
  • Rules and policies may be scripted for very specific behaviors to be automated with regard to such workflows.

Continue reading about features of  print management software below:

  • Pull Printing

    100% Availability Means Never Coming Empty-Handed (BYOD). Did you ever print a document right before an important meeting with a constituent, or just before a bill was due for submission, or just before your appearance before a board -- and the printer jammed, or ran out of toner, or was down for maintenance? That doesn't happen with Sentinel, since jobs can be routed easily to a different device for immediate printing. Read More
  • Sentinel Managed Print Services

    Easily Manage Complex and Multi-Site Printing Requirements! Sentinel provides a single point of control for enterprise-wide monitoring and maintenance of all print jobs and queues. Its dedicated software authenticates users, regulates print volume, and monitors and manages all print devices in the enterprise. Read More
  • Reduce Printing Costs

    Multiple Methods for Significant Reduction of Printing Costs! Lower printing costs result from Sentinel's ability to monitor, optimize and regulate print outputs; reduction in number of required printers; subsequent savings on paper, toner and electricity; and reduced IT staffing requirements. Read More
  • Customizable Reporting

    Customizable Reporting Provides an Automated Audit Trail. The built in report designer integrates with other organization databases to provide detailed data about printing activity by user, patient code, printing device, time of day, etc. This system supplies an automated audit trail allowing you to segregate and itemize expenses per department, per employee, and per patient for simple billing and recovery of printing expenses. Read More
  • Mobile Printing

    Mobile Printing Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Print from your mobile phone or tablet easily, to any printer in the organization, without connecting to the enterprise network. Printing attachments is also a breeze; simply forward the attachment to the Sentinel e-mail account. Read More
  • Green printing

    Go Greener to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint! Reduce the amount of wasted paper, toner/ink and electricity with Sentinel’s pull printing method. In addition, the system administrator can stipulate a company-wide duplex print policy, saving even more paper, and regulate the amount of toner per print to save on cartridges (without affecting legibility!). Read More
  • Secure Printing

    Secure Printing Ensures Documents Reach Authorized Users Only. Ensure that your patient's sensitive documents are not picked up by an unauthorized person. Whether copying, printing, or scanning, your staff must first identify themselves using their single sign-on personnel tag, their employee/staff card, or a PIN code. Only an authorized user will be allowed to release the document from the network. Read More
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