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Reduce IT callsReduce your support overheads and consolidate your printer strategy with Sentinel!

With Sentinels' end-user print management portal, in conjunction with pull printing technology, users are empowered to take control of their own print management. This approach frees up IT support staff to focus on critical non-printer related IT issues instead.

Any typical IT department will be able to confirm just how much time they seem to spend dealing with printing problems and related issues. The following headaches will sound all too familiar to anyone in tech support:

  • Keeping track of various print drivers, and keeping them updated on all PCs
  • Installing new printers for users one at a time when a main departmental MFP fails
  • Clearing print queues
  • Maintaining the small, personal printers in use by department heads who require their own private printers for sensitive documents
  • Managing long lists of printers on users computers, with employees frequently printing to the wrong ones by mistake.
  • Reassigning the correct default printer for users
  • Ensuring that all of the MFP devices' local address books, directory sync, SMTP settings and shared folder settings are up to date and working correctly.
  • Having to reconfigure printers from scratch whenever a previous range is EOL

Sentinel solves all of these problems:

  • Only one driver requires installation on user PCs, and only one printer appears in their list. Sentinel does the rest.
  • Print queues are managed automatically by Sentinel - and users can only see their own individual print queue
  • Personal printers are no longer required: the secure nature of pull printing means that documents only print out when the owner is standing next to the printer to collect their job before anyone else sees it.
  • Printer strategy can be consolidated to only large departmental MFPs.
  • Only one printer (Sentinel virtual printer) appears available for printing from a user perspective, and this one will always be the default.
  • Address books, directory sync, email settings and shared folder settings are all maintained at server level, not device level
  • All printers require is a Sentinel embedded installation or a Sentinel touch controller in order to work, no extra configuration is required.
  • Sentinels' built-in Load Balancing and Failover ensure that overloaded print queues are dealt with automatically.

Empower users to reset their own PINs

Sentinel even enables users to view and manage their own queues and reset their own secure print PIN codes using their Active Directory logon credentials! This means that even if a user forgets their PIN, or leaves their RFID card at home, there is no need to contact IT support to enable them to continue printing and scanning as usual. They can view or reset their own PIN code. 

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