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Green printing with Sentinel: Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Print Green, Reduce Environmental Footprint. Make your office more eco-friendly.

Why use so much paper and toner? Why purchase more printers than your company actually needs? Why generate unnecessary heat in your office? Why not use less energy?

Sources estimate that printer waste may be costing companies as much as 4.5% of their turnover.

  • Each saved page contributes to a number of saved trees, which would have been consumed while producing the page.
  • Each saved page reduces the amount of CO2 released by the process of producing the page.
  • Each saved page reduces the amount of manufacturing energy to produce the page. This includes scanning pages also, and not only printed/copied pages.

Save paper and toner with the Sentinel Green Printing solution:

  • Print jobs are not lost or collected by others, reducing wasteful reprinting.
  • Print quotas can be set (limits on the number of pages printed) for each user or department.
  • Sentinel solution enables alerting when excessively large jobs are sent to print, or there is another unusual print activity.
  • Employees are aware their printing expenses are recorded and budgeted, inspiring them to print more responsibly.
  • Users manage their own printing output.
  • When a printer goes offline, users pull their print jobs from other working printers. The fixed printer no longer unnecessarily prints the jobs that were waiting in the queue while it was under maintenance.

It’s a known fact that the heat generated by laser printers adds to the work required of air conditioners. Also, reducing the number of purchased printers significantly reduces electricity consumption of the office, making it greener.

Use fewer printers and less electricity with the Sentinel Green Printing solution:

  • Stop-start printing requires warming up the laser printer for eight seconds for each use, requiring electricity.
  • The heat generated by this type of printing must be countered by air conditioning.

This warming does not happen when the printing is continuous! Concentrating more print jobs for more continuous work on fewer printers means less heat is generated.

Your organization can reduce its carbon footprint by using Sentinel Green Printing solution. Save paper, toner, printers, and electricity!

More Ways Sentinel Will Benefit Your Organization

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