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Secure Scanning with Sentinel software

1Ensure your scans are secured using Secure Scanning and Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology.

By default, Sentinel only sends scans to the authenticated users' email address, shared folder, or Sharepoint location; this ensures that sensitive data will never be sent to the wrong person or group, or saved to the incorrect group folder by mistake.

There are several ways to scan documents with Sentinel:

  • Secure Scanning to e-mail (Scan to me);
  • Secure Scannig to folder
  • Secure Scannig to Sharepoint.

Traditionally, scanning to email is done by typing the email address via the printer’s panel, or by selecting an email address from the organisational directory (Active Directory) list. This process is cumbersome, and leaves a significant margin for error - mistakes are frequent, often resulting in sensitive data being sent to the wrong people.

Sentinel solves this problem through Secure Scanning:

  • The first step in the secure scanning process is user identification by the Sentinel software. 
  • The document, once scanned, is sent directly to the user’s own email account, shared folder, or Sharepoint location, without any need to type the folder name or email address, or manage an address book at each printer.
  • The scanned document, by default, is only able to be sent to the user who requested it.
  • The process is fast and convenient, as there is no need to type or search for email addresses.
  • Mistakes, such as sending scanned documents to the wrong email address, are prevented.
  • All connected printers and all authorized users’ details (such as user card ID - the user's identification code, email address, etc.) are stored in Sentinel’s database.
  • Secure scanning can be performed for MFP (multi-function printers) that have foreign interface (FDI) support including: HP, Xerox, Sharp, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Samsung.

How Does the Secure Scanning Process Work?

  • The user places the document for scanning in the MFP.
  • The user is required to provide an identification code, enter code or swipe an ID card using the controller panel. After successful authentication, the printer interface is unlocked for secure scanning.
  • The printer sends the scanned file to the Sentinel server according to user name and ID.
  • Sentinel server sends the scanned file securely to the correct destination.

The secure scanned file can be sent to:

  • The email address defined for the user, entered manually or synchronized with Active Directory (AD) or an External SQL Server Table synced with AD or LDAP.
  • A specifically defined folder or Sharepoint location defined for the user. The Sentinel server will store the scanned file in the specified folder of the user.


Sentinel Secure Scanning may be installed  on any server which supports Sentinel, and will work with any printer, multifunction device (MFP/MFD) or networked copier. Secure scanning is possible using either the embedded Sentinel application on supported models, or by using the Sentinel external touch controllers for any other model.


Sentinel is highly customisable thanks to its comprehensive scripting functionality. Any number of trigger-based rules or alerts may be configured to enhance Data Leak Prevention (DLP) or customize general functionality.

Other scanning features built into Sentinel:

  • OCR text recognition enables images and other files to be converted to text
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