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ePaper Ltd. is looking for distributors, channel partners and representatives worldwide

ePaper Ltd. is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of Sentinel - a leading managed print software (MPS) solution. Sentinel is a cross-platform pull-printing hardware and software solution, rich in features, easily installed and implemented in any printing environment, with a strong emphasis on security. Sold and distributed in various regions globally, Sentinel is also the leading MPS provider in Israel, making up approximately 85% of the MPS market, including customers within the government, military, financial, health and private sectors.

ePaper Ltd. is expanding globally with an emphasis on markets in the United States, and is looking for driven and dedicated individuals and companies globally and in the US who are interested in partnering with us in order to promote, sell, implement and support our exceptional software.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Promote the Sentinel printing management solution;
  • Take a professionalised approach to consulting with prospective customers, with a view to recommending a suitable configuration of our all-in-one print management solution;
  • Provide first-level technical support including installation, training, ongoing maintenance, upgrades and after-sales support;
  • Escalate any complex issues to our support team as needed.

Benefits of partnership with ePaper Ltd. include:

  • Marketing and technical materials;
  • Accreditation and onboarding process;
  • Enhanced sales support;
  • Attractive pricing;
  • Exceptional promotional packages for initial deals;
  • Lead-sharing for relevant territories or markets;
  • Access to 24-hour support.

Please check our LinkedIn page for more details.

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Feel free to contact ePaper Ltd. regarding purchase or distribution of Sentinel print management software and controllers, technical support, or any other questions. We provide technical support for demos (including remote technical support) and consultation for customers, partners, resellers, and distributers worldwide. 
Please note the regional USA and India contacts below; for all other enquiries please call +972-73-215-29-29 or email

  • For any questions regarding Sentinel print management software in USA, Canada, and other countries in North or South America, please contact ePaper Ltd. USA office.
  • For any questions regarding Sentinel print management software in Israel, Europe or Africa please contact ePaper Ltd. Israel office (UTC+02:00, English or Hebrew languages).
  • For any questions regarding Sentinel print management software in India or Asia please contact ePaper Ltd. India office.

Printing software distribution

 ePaper Ltd. is looking for:

Sales representativesresellers, and distributors
for Sentinel secure printing software
and external controllers

ePaper Ltd. USA

All in One Secure Printing Solutions, print management software and controllers in the USA.

145 S Jefferson Ave, Suite G
Cookeville, TN 38501 USA
Phone: +1 313-334-4056

Thank you for your interest in Sentinel. 

Here is the installation file, for download

For installation instructions, download the Sentinel Installation Guide here:
For implementation instructions, download the Sentinel Implementation Guide here:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, or by phone at +972-73 2152929.

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