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Toner Optimization with SaveToner

Extend the Life of Your Toner Investment with Save Toner™

Save toner

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Save Toner™ is a software product that significantly reduces laser printing costs by using algorithms to optimize toner usage.

The application supports PCL5 and PCL XL (PCL6), but does not support PostScript. The algorithm does not affect the performance of either the printer or the PC.

When Save Toner is set to 20% savings, it's difficult to note the differences between the original printout and the one printed with Save Toner.

When used in conjunction with the Sentinel printing management solution, the savings percentage can be applied to print jobs based on a wide variety of variables, such as user, department, printer destination, document content, document size, etc.

How Does it work? Left - example of Save Toner set to 35% toner save.

Following: test print of 5% - 90% toner save.

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Try it Before You Buy It!

Download 30-day evaluation.

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