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Reduce toner, paper and electricity costs with Sentinel software

Reduce printing costs

Use Sentinel to manage your printing resources. Stop wasting money!

Start saving on paper, toner, printers, electricity, and air conditioning costs immediately. Consider these cost-saving measures provided by Sentinel:

  • Print jobs are not processed until the user who sent the job comes to collect them.
  • No jobs will be printed without being collected, which means that a large amount of paper will be saved.
  • Secure pull printing restricts non-authorized personnel from accidentally viewing printouts. This will reduce the cost of information security mechanisms.
  • If the job is not collected, it is deleted after a timeout (as defined in the system settings).No unneeded jobs will be printed by mistake, which will save large amount of paper.
  • Employees always pull print jobs from the right printer and never lose their printouts in excessive piles of output. No more large piles of printouts waiting in vain to be collected – Hence more paper saving.
  • Budgets can be managed, by group or department, increasing awareness and responsibility.More control on how many pagers all users’ prints, which will reduce the amount of unneeded printing.
  • Generated reports indicate usage of printing resources, so you can see where there are problems or strange behavior. Print jobs are redirected to working printers when another is off-line. This will increase the efficiency and reduce time waist in the organization.
  • Wasted personal printers that take up space in individual offices or work areas can be eliminated. The number of used printer will be reduced, hence saving money on purchasing more printers.

Fewer printed pages means less printer resources and less energy use.

Existing Sentinel customers report a cost reduction of between 20 to 30 percent!

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