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Secure printing solution

  • Benefits and use cases of LCD touch controller

    Pull Printing Card

    • Users can access with ID card or code;
    • For multifunction device, users can select Print or Copy;
    • When printing, users can select or delete multiple queued jobs directly from the device;
    • Jobs can be deleted through the Web-based interface or directly from the device controller;
    • Device structure, connectivity and installation

      embedded hardware diagram

      The connection to the printer can be performed via an internal switch that does not interrupt communication with the printer (such as sending print jobs or communication and control protocols). This means that a Sentinel device controller can be located next to a printer without requiring an additional network outlet. 

    • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn, with Sentinel print server software and release station

    • Pull printing, private cloud printing with Sentinel

      Pull printingWhat is pull printing?

      Pull printing is a system where users select and release (pull) their print jobs when they arrive at the printer of their choice, rather than sending a print job from their PC (push) to a pre-specified printer for immediate printing.

    • Scripts for print server software customization

      LUA scripts print serverCustomize just about anything in your print management using scripts to implement complex workflows, rule-based actions, email alerts, customised data handling and much more.

      Sentinel's open scripting platform allows highly specialised features or customisations to be rapidly developed, without the need to wait for the next release cycle for your custom feature to be included. Scripts may even be created in-house by customers wishing to keep their secure workflows or policies under wraps.

    • Secure biometric print release

      Our biometric readers will be able to connect via USB to any device, and are supported using both Sentinel external and embedded controllers for secure print release.

      • Standalone Fingerprint reader
      • USB & RS485/232 communications supported
      • 3,000 fingerprint users and 3,000 card users
      • Back up users’ data (fingerprint & card user info)
      • Upload & download users’ data
      • Wiegand26/34 output for connecting to a controller
      • Relay output
      • Built-in light dependent resistor (LDR) for anti-tamper
      • Unlock devices by fingerprint or card/fingerprint and card
      • Fast Verification: Less than 1s base on full enrolment of 3,000 fingerprint
    • Serverless printing

      Serverless printingServer-less printing is a feature which allows the use of secure pull printing, but without any print server being required.

      The solution requires that the Sentinel AP client application is installed on all PC's on the LAN. The printers will be paired with Sentinel controllers (either external touch-LCD controllers, or Sentinel embedded controllers), and pull printing is then facilitated through the use of packet broadcasts across the LAN.