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  • Control and secure your printing

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  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP):

    Data Leak Prevention

    Content-Aware Data Leak Prevention (DLP), network and Local Printers are Points of Vulnerability.

    In securing the network against data leaks, data loss, potential data breach, printers must be considered a point of risk and vulnerability. Printed confidential and sensitive information, if not managed properly, can be transferred to unauthorized personnel within the organization, or even leaked out of the organization.

  • Enterprise print management solution

    Enterprise print managmentEnterprise print management software can significantly reduce printing costs in larger organizations, regardless of structure.

    Sentinel print management software can be effectively used, not only in typical office installations, but also in multi-site or multibranch printing environments. Possible implementations include trafficless, serverless, private cloud printing, and many other possible options, with any level of customization, numbers of print servers, highest security levels and any printers or MFDs used regardless of make or model.

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    Purchasing Sentinel

    If you would like to purchase Sentinel and would like some more information, please see here - How to buy?

  • HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn, with Sentinel print server software and release station

  • Licensing details and how to buy

    • Per server license Per external print release controller license Per embedded controller license Modular add-ons are licensed by database, that is to say that when servers are installed in a load balanced and/or failover configuration, only one modular add on license applies
    • An introductory license plan is available for smaller organisations wishing to leverage the full benefit of Sentinel at an initially lower cost. This offer only applies to organisations wishing to use Sentinel secure pull printing on less than 12 print or MFP devices.
    • Selected pricing models of Sentinel is available for educational institutions, including discounted rates for certain products and features. If you represent an educational institution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today for a proposal.
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    • Sentinel Server - Modular Add-ons (software) licensed by database:
      Scan to me module Mail to print module Mobile printing module
    • Sentinel Client – PC Add-Ons (software):
      Sentinel Client Application
    • 1

    • Sentinel Server Software

      Sentinel Server Software

      Unlimited users, unlimited devices, free training
      Licensed per server One year of free support and updates included
    • Sentinel embedded

      Sentinel embedded

      Embedded software print release controller
      Licensed by number of devices Supported by leading printer manufacturers
    • Sentinel LCD touch controller

      Sentinel LCD touch controller

      External touch print release controller
      Licensed by number of devices License cost included in per-unit hardware cost
    • Sentinel Light controller

      Sentinel Light controller

      External print release controller, used with readers
      Licensed by number of devices License cost included in per-unit hardware cost
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    Sentinel MPS software and print release controllers are available for purchase or distribution in many countries and regions worldwide, through our extensive network of dedicated and knowledgeable authorised distribution partners.

    ePaper Ltd. is committed to ensuring that our customers get the best out of Sentinel, and our partners will be able to deliver high levels of product satisfaction through pre-sales consultations, technical installations, training, and ongoing technical support. Please be sure to complete the form to the right and we or one of our sales partners will get back to you as soon as possible in order to discuss your specific requirements, as well as to provide pricing and more information.

  • Mail To Print

    Sentinel-mail-to-printPrint your emails and attachments — directly.

    Whether you are a recognized user or a guest on the network, you can forward an email message to the Sentinel system or to a printer, without connecting to the organization's LAN. Sentinel's unique solution lets you print emailed documents from your mobile device, without distorting the document format. The original look of the document is maintained.

  • Managed Print Services Comparison

    Competitive Comparison of Sentinel, PaperCut NG, PaperCut MF, Ysoft, SafeCom, Pcounter, Ringdale (Followme)

  • Managed printing - Active Directory or LDAP synchronization for secure print release

    How to dynamically synchronize Active Directory in print management software? See how it's done in Sentinel.

    Ensure dynamic synchronization of all accounts in your Active Directory or LDAP with Sentinel managed print services user database. Each time an Active Directory user authenticates for secure print release (pull printing) at a Sentinel embedded or external print release controller (or even with a smartphone using NFC or QR code), the Sentinel print server software will update the user account details in the Sentinel database. 

    This functionality is critical for managed printing in large enterprises or organisations such as government departments, who may have many thousands of user accounts. Sentinel's advanced scripting rules can automate various aspects of the interactions between Active Directory (LDAP) and Sentinel managed print functionality such as cross-vendor RFID code translations for multi-site compatibility. Enable Active Directory users to scan directly to their home directory (as specified in their Active Directory profile) from any MFP or MFD. 

    The ability to dynamically synchronize with your managed print services software dramatically improves workflows resulting in improved quality of service.

  • Multi-Tenant MPS - Islands

    Multi Tenant MPS

    The latest version of Sentinel supports a new unique feature called “Islands”.

    Islands are separate organisational Managed Print Service units running off the same Sentinel server system, in effect allowing a Sentinel server system to support multiple separate Managed Print Service groups, units, branches, locations, or multiple tenants over a VPN connection.

  • Print and billing quotas

    Set print quotas and billing quotas to limit and control the number of pages printed and copied. 

    Use quotas to restrict unsupervised printing. Quota Policy saves the organization money and gives management better control of the printing budget.

    This is especially relevant for organizations that bill their users and customers, such as universities, libraries, law firms, insurance companies, and any other entity that want to manage budgets separately for each department. ow can an organization limit and control printing? How to set printing quotas? 

  • Print management software download

    Here you can download free trials of print management software, developed by ePaper Ltd. We also provide our customers with full technical support.

  • Printer detection and data collection with Sentinel print server software

    Use print management software to automatically collect data from your network printers, including MAC address, toner level, status, IP address and more. Once initiated, printer status and data will be readily available for all devices, for which data collection was enabled moving forward.

    All data collection enabled devices can easily be added to your Sentinel devices interface, so that they can be configured for secure pull printing, virtual printing, push printing etc.

    Supported devices can also be configured with Sentinel embedded firmware or software. Your entire print infrastructure can be monitored and administrated with Sentinel print server software.

  • Pull Printing (secure print release) with employee card on Lexmark CS725 (embedded)

  • Pull printing with biometric authentication on HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP

  • Pull printing with employee card on HP with Sentinel print management software

  • Pull printing, private cloud printing with Sentinel

    Pull printingWhat is pull printing?

    Pull printing is a system where users select and release (pull) their print jobs when they arrive at the printer of their choice, rather than sending a print job from their PC (push) to a pre-specified printer for immediate printing.

  • Reduce the amount of print-related IT and Technical Support Calls

    Reduce IT callsReduce your support overheads and consolidate your printer strategy with Sentinel!

    With Sentinels' end-user print management portal, in conjunction with pull printing technology, users are empowered to take control of their own print management. This approach frees up IT support staff to focus on critical non-printer related IT issues instead.