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  • Multi-Site Printing

    WAN Printing

    Print management solution for organizations with multiple sites or branch offices.

    For organizations and businesses with multiple branches and/or international locations that wish to manage and control all printing in one system, Sentinel is the best print management solution. While employees in various locations can initiate and collect print jobs, Sentinel secure printing ensures that no one outside the organization has access to them.

  • Print Server Software:

    Sentinel Print server softwareSimple, Cross-Platform Implementation of Printing Software and Easy integration into any printing environment

    With existing SQL server, LDAP, and/or mail server and straightforward compatibility with any brand copier and printer. Achieve company-wide print management within minutes!

    Due to the unique design of the Sentinel system, wherein virtual print drivers are established for each type of specialty print (color vs B&W, for example), implementation and system maintenance time are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Print Server stability and reliability

    Print Server Stability

    One of the unique features of Sentinel print server software is that the system may be installed on several print servers, in a Fail Over or Load Balancing methodology, which, of course, from the user’s perspective functions a single server.

  • Reduce the amount of print-related IT and Technical Support Calls

    Reduce IT callsReduce your support overheads and consolidate your printer strategy with Sentinel!

    With Sentinels' end-user print management portal, in conjunction with pull printing technology, users are empowered to take control of their own print management. This approach frees up IT support staff to focus on critical non-printer related IT issues instead.

  • Secure biometric print release

    Our biometric readers will be able to connect via USB to any device, and are supported using both Sentinel external and embedded controllers for secure print release.

    • Standalone Fingerprint reader
    • USB & RS485/232 communications supported
    • 3,000 fingerprint users and 3,000 card users
    • Back up users’ data (fingerprint & card user info)
    • Upload & download users’ data
    • Wiegand26/34 output for connecting to a controller
    • Relay output
    • Built-in light dependent resistor (LDR) for anti-tamper
    • Unlock devices by fingerprint or card/fingerprint and card
    • Fast Verification: Less than 1s base on full enrolment of 3,000 fingerprint
  • Secure Scanning of your documents for increased Data Leak Prevention

    1Ensure your scans are secured using Secure Scanning and Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology.

    By default, Sentinel only sends scans to the authenticated users' email address, shared folder, or Sharepoint location; this ensures that sensitive data will never be sent to the wrong person or group, or saved to the incorrect group folder by mistake.

  • Sentinel Print Server Built-in Load Balance and Failover

    Load Balancing FailoverSentinel managed print services provide your organization with 24/7 print server high availability with built-in Load Balance and Failover.

    Managed print services are mission-critical systems in any organization. Therefore print server robust and stable functioning is one of the highest priorities of organizations IT department. 

  • Sentinel Print Server Software

  • Serverless printing

    Serverless printingServer-less printing is a feature which allows the use of secure pull printing, but without any print server being required.

    The solution requires that the Sentinel AP client application is installed on all PC's on the LAN. The printers will be paired with Sentinel controllers (either external touch-LCD controllers, or Sentinel embedded controllers), and pull printing is then facilitated through the use of packet broadcasts across the LAN.