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  • Traffic-less printing

    Traffic Less PrintingUse Sentinel Traffic-less printing for branch offices to take advantage of Sentinel without a local server.

    For organisations with branch offices, Sentinel may be centralised and used in a traffic-less configuration. This method conserves Wide Area Network (WAN) bandwidth, which would otherwise be untenably high due to large-size print job traffic clogging it up.

  • Brother, embedded solutions, supported devices

    brother logo

    List of Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and Multi-Function Devices (MFD) supported. If the device is not listed, it might as well be supported, contact us for additional information.

    Brother DCP-8085DN (S)
    Brother MFC-8880DN (S)
    Brother MFC-8890DW (S)
    Brother DCP-8110DN (H)
    Brother MFC-8510DN (H)
    Brother MFC-8520DN (H)
    Brother DCP-8250DN (H)
    Brother MFC-8950DW (H)
    Brother MFC-8950DWT (H)
    Brother HL-S7000DN (inbox)
    Brother DCP-9270CDN (0 or Z)
    Brother MFC-9330CDW (0 or Z)
    Brother MFC-9340CDW (0 or Z)
    Brother DCP-9020CDW (G)
    Brother MFC-9140CDN (G)
    Brother MFC-9330CDW (G)
    Brother MFC-9340CDW (G)

  • Centralized print management

    centralized printer management

    Sentinel allows you to use a centralized print center without sacrificing print job security. 

    Recent trends in printer fleet management show that there is a definite move towards central print management.

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  • Control and secure your printing

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  • Enterprise print management solution

    Enterprise print managmentEnterprise print management software can significantly reduce printing costs in larger organizations, regardless of structure.

    Sentinel print management software can be effectively used, not only in typical office installations, but also in multi-site or multibranch printing environments. Possible implementations include trafficless, serverless, private cloud printing, and many other possible options, with any level of customization, numbers of print servers, highest security levels and any printers or MFDs used regardless of make or model.

  • Hewlett Packard, HP, embedded solutions, supported devices

    hp logo transparent

    List of Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and Multi-Function Devices (MFD) supported. If the device is not listed, it might as well be supported, contact us for additional information.

    HP Color LaserJet CM4540 MFP
    HP CLJ CM4730mfp
    HP Officejet Pro 251 dw SFP
    HP Color LaserJet CP5520 Series
    HP CLJ CM6030mfp
    HP Officejet Pro 276 dw MFP
    HP Color LaserJet M651
    HP CLJ CM6040mfp
    HP Officejet Pro x476 dw MFP
    HP Color LaserJet M750 HP DS 9250c
    HP Officejet Pro x476dn MFP
    HP Color LaserJet M855
    HP LJ M3027mfp
    HP Officejet Pro x551 dW SFP
    HP Color LaserJet MFP M680
    HP LJ M3027mfp
    HP Officejet Pro x576dw MFP
    HP Color LaserJet MFP M880
    HP LJ M3035mfp
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8730 / 8740 All-in-One Printer
    HP LaserJet 500 color M551
    HP LJ M3035mfp
    HP LaserJet 500 color MFP M575
    HP LJ M4345mfp
    HP LaserJet 500 MFP M525
    HP LJ M5025mfp
    HP PageWide Pro M477 MFP,
    HP PageWide Pro 577 MFP,
    HP PageWide MFP P57750 (Managed)
    HP LaserJet 600 M601/M602/M603
    HP LJ M5035mfp
    HP PageWide Pro 552 Printer,
    HP PageWide P55250 (Managed)
    HP LaserJet 700 color MFP M775
    HP LJ M9040mfp
    HP PageWide Enterprise Color / Color Flow MFP 586,
    HP PageWide Managed Color / Color Flow MFP E58653
    HP LaserJet M4555 MFP
    HP LJ M9050mfp
    HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556,
    HP PageWide Managed Color E55653
    HP LaserJet M712
    HP LaserJet MFP M630
    HP LaserJet M806
    HP LaserJet Flow MFP M630
    HP LaserJet MFP M725
    HP Color LaserJet M552 / M553
    HP LaserJet MFP M830
    HP LaserJet M604 / M605 / M606
    HP Officejet Color MFP X585
    HP LaserJet M506
    HP Officejet Color X555
    HP LaserJet M527 MFP
    HP Scanjet Enterprise 8500
    HP Color LaserJet M577 MFP
    HP CLJ CM3530mfp

  • Konica Minolta / Develop, embedded solutions, supported devices

    konica minoltadevelop logo lrg

    List of Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and Multi-Function Devices (MFD) supported. If the device is not listed, it might as well be supported, contact us for additional information.

    Supported devices:
    The following models:
    Bizhub C35, 36, 42 C203, C220, 223, C224, 224e, C224e, C253, C280, 283, C284, 284e, C284e, C353, C364, C3350, C360, 361, 363, 364e, C364e, C380, C3850, 4050, 421, 423, 4750, C451, C452, C454, 454e, C500, 501, C550, C552, C552DS, 552, C554, 554e, C554e, 601, C650, C652, C652DS, 652, C654, 654e, 751, C754, C754e and Pro 951.

    Other models which support OpenAPI 2.3.1 or later (OpenAPI 3.1 is recommended)
    Some older devices from the list above may need a ROM upgrade.

    · For all models - License for web browser will be needed.
    · Models should support OpenAPI 2.3.1 or later (OpenAPI 3.1 is recommended).
    Devices must have a hard disk installed. Some models may require an optional hard drive to be installed.

    Required Ports
    In order for Konica Minolta embedded solution to work the required ports should be as follows:

    Inbound Ports:

    Outbound Ports:

    Without any of the requirements above, the models will not be supported.

    Supporting Heb.
    Konica Minolta Bizhub 363

  • Lexmark, embedded solutions, supported devices

    lexmark logo

    List of Lexmark Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and Lexmark Multi-Function Devices (MFD) supported. If the device is not listed, it might as well be supported, contact us for additional information.

    Devices Supporting Framework 1.x

    Lexmark X644e, X646e, X646dte
    Lexmark X85xe
    Lexmark X642e*
    Lexmark T64x+4600 or X646ef
    Lexmark X772e
    Lexmark X782e
    Lexmark X940e, X945e, XC940, XC945

    Devices Supporting Framework 2.x

    Lexmark X651de, X652de, XS651, XS652
    Lexmark X654de, X656de, XS654, XS656
    Lexmark X658de, XS658
    Lexmark X738de, X736de, X734de, X738dte, XS734, XS736, XS738
    Lexmark X466dwe, X466dte, X466de, X464de, X463de*, XS463*, XS464, XS466
    Lexmark T654, TS654
    Lexmark X860de, X862de, X862dte, X864de, X864dhe, XS860, XS862, XS864
    Lexmark W850n, W850dn, WS850
    Lexmark T656, TS656

    Devices Supporting Framework 3.x

    Lexmark X746de, X748de, X748dte, XS748
    Lexmark C748, CS748
    Lexmark X792de, X792dte, XS795, XS796, XS796, XS798
    Lexmark C792e, C792de, C792dte, C792dhe, CS796
    Lexmark X925de, XS925
    Lexmark C925de
    Lexmark X950de, X952de, X952dte, X954de, X954dhe, XS950, XS955
    Lexmark C950de
    Lexmark X548dte, XS548
    Lexmark 6500e

    Devices Supporting Framework 4.x

    Lexmark MS610de,MS610dte,M3150
    Lexmark MS810de,M5155, M5163
    Lexmark MS812de,M5170
    Lexmark MS911de, M9155
    Lexmark CS510de,CS510dte,CS511,C2132
    Lexmark MX410 Series,MX51x,XM1145
    Lexmark MX610 Series,MX611 Series,XM3150
    Lexmark MX710 Series,XM5163
    Lexmark MX711 Series,XM5170
    Lexmark MX810 Series,XM7155,XM7155X,XM7163,
    Lexmark XM7163X,XM7170,XM7170X
    Lexmark MX910de, MX911dte, MX912dxe, XM9145, XM9155, XM9165
    Lexmark CX410 Series
    Lexmark CX510 Series,XC2132
    Lexmark MX6500e Series

  • Managed print software for small and medium business

    smbReduce printing costs with this easy to install and simple to use print management system. 

    Reducing printing costs can go a long way towards making your business profitable. When you control the printing processes in your organization you can easily control the printing costs as well. Yet you may not have the IT manpower required to address these issues. What to do?

  • Managed printing - Active Directory or LDAP synchronization for secure print release

    How to dynamically synchronize Active Directory in print management software? See how it's done in Sentinel.

    Ensure dynamic synchronization of all accounts in your Active Directory or LDAP with Sentinel managed print services user database. Each time an Active Directory user authenticates for secure print release (pull printing) at a Sentinel embedded or external print release controller (or even with a smartphone using NFC or QR code), the Sentinel print server software will update the user account details in the Sentinel database. 

    This functionality is critical for managed printing in large enterprises or organisations such as government departments, who may have many thousands of user accounts. Sentinel's advanced scripting rules can automate various aspects of the interactions between Active Directory (LDAP) and Sentinel managed print functionality such as cross-vendor RFID code translations for multi-site compatibility. Enable Active Directory users to scan directly to their home directory (as specified in their Active Directory profile) from any MFP or MFD. 

    The ability to dynamically synchronize with your managed print services software dramatically improves workflows resulting in improved quality of service.

  • Managed printing solutions for Banks and Financial institutions

    Financial institutions can minimize printing costs while maintaining regulatory compliance and confidentiality.

    Banks and other Financial institutions can minimize printing costs while maintaining regulatory compliance.

    Each day, your organization may be wasting money in the form of paper, toner, and employee time, as print jobs are sent to the wrong printer or lost in piles of output, causing users to reprint them. Furthermore, in your line of business it is imperative to maintain both confidentiality and an audit trail for customers.

  • Multi-Tenant MPS - Islands

    Multi Tenant MPS

    The latest version of Sentinel supports a new unique feature called “Islands”.

    Islands are separate organisational Managed Print Service units running off the same Sentinel server system, in effect allowing a Sentinel server system to support multiple separate Managed Print Service groups, units, branches, locations, or multiple tenants over a VPN connection.

  • Print Server Software:

    Sentinel Print server softwareSimple, Cross-Platform Implementation of Printing Software and Easy integration into any printing environment

    With existing SQL server, LDAP, and/or mail server and straightforward compatibility with any brand copier and printer. Achieve company-wide print management within minutes!

    Due to the unique design of the Sentinel system, wherein virtual print drivers are established for each type of specialty print (color vs B&W, for example), implementation and system maintenance time are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Print Server stability and reliability

    Print Server Stability

    One of the unique features of Sentinel print server software is that the system may be installed on several print servers, in a Fail Over or Load Balancing methodology, which, of course, from the user’s perspective functions a single server.

  • Printer detection and data collection with Sentinel print server software

    Use print management software to automatically collect data from your network printers, including MAC address, toner level, status, IP address and more. Once initiated, printer status and data will be readily available for all devices, for which data collection was enabled moving forward.

    All data collection enabled devices can easily be added to your Sentinel devices interface, so that they can be configured for secure pull printing, virtual printing, push printing etc.

    Supported devices can also be configured with Sentinel embedded firmware or software. Your entire print infrastructure can be monitored and administrated with Sentinel print server software.

  • Pull printing with biometric authentication on HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP

  • Pull printing, private cloud printing with Sentinel

    Pull printingWhat is pull printing?

    Pull printing is a system where users select and release (pull) their print jobs when they arrive at the printer of their choice, rather than sending a print job from their PC (push) to a pre-specified printer for immediate printing.

  • Reduce the amount of print-related IT and Technical Support Calls

    Reduce IT callsReduce your support overheads and consolidate your printer strategy with Sentinel!

    With Sentinels' end-user print management portal, in conjunction with pull printing technology, users are empowered to take control of their own print management. This approach frees up IT support staff to focus on critical non-printer related IT issues instead.

  • Reduce toner consumption

    How to reduce tonerSaveToner is a proprietary toner optimization feature which comes as standard with Sentinel managed printing software. It allows toner usage to be reduced on a sliding scale, with little impact on the quality of printouts up to a certain level.