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MPS for small business

  • Centralized print management

    centralized printer management

    Sentinel allows you to use a centralized print center without sacrificing print job security. 

    Recent trends in printer fleet management show that there is a definite move towards central print management.

  • Managed Print Services (MPS)

    Managed Print Services (MPS)

    What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

    Managed Print Services (MPS) allow an organization to gain visibility and control of all its printing and optimize it, which helps save money, enables the organization to print more efficiently. Managed printing also helps the organization to improve environmental sustainability and document security.

  • Managed print software for small and medium business

    smbReduce printing costs with this easy to install and simple to use print management system. 

    Reducing printing costs can go a long way towards making your business profitable. When you control the printing processes in your organization you can easily control the printing costs as well. Yet you may not have the IT manpower required to address these issues. What to do?

  • Mobile Print

    Sentinel-mail-to-printPull print jobs wirelessly from a network printer using a mobile device. 

    Usually, printing documents within the organization using a mobile device requires a special connection, and in many cases the result is not rendered correctly, particularly when printing Microsoft Office documents.

  • Serverless printing

    Serverless printingServer-less printing is a feature which allows the use of secure pull printing, but without any print server being required.

    The solution requires that the Sentinel AP client application is installed on all PC's on the LAN. The printers will be paired with Sentinel controllers (either external touch-LCD controllers, or Sentinel embedded controllers), and pull printing is then facilitated through the use of packet broadcasts across the LAN.