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LPT2USB - Features & Functionality

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LPT2USB™ is a sophisticated device that enables connecting a parallel port of a host system, either a computer or a computer embedded system, to a USB port of a printer.

LPT2USB™ solves a well-known and widespread problem of legacy systems that for printing require a connection to the printer via a parallel port. This may be the result of a legacy hardware system that has only a parallel printing port, or a legacy software system that was designed for parallel port printing. Most modern peripheral devices, such as low-cost printers, do not have a parallel port.

LPT2USB™ is a low cost, long life, plug-and-play connecting device that enables legacy systems to connect via their parallel port to the USB ports of printers.

LPT2USB™ works with any host with a parallel port, and it is hardware and software independent.

LPT2USB™ takes by default the power supply from the host keyboard.

LPT2USB™ has two models:


The more popular model (which can be purchased through the website) is DB25-LPT2USB™ (XR00027). It has a DB25 connector and can be connected to the printer with a USB cable.

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The LPT2USB™ (XR0017) model is embedded in a metal packaging device. It has a USB connector and a power socket on the front panel, and a 36-pin Centronics female socket on the back panel. It connects to any standard printer parallel cable.

To purchase LPT2USB™ (XR0017), submit a request for proposal.

LPT2USB Specifications

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